Preparing For A PET-CT Scan

Whenever possible, patients or their physicians should have at least two days between time of scheduling and the PET-CT appointment, as there are specific diet and exercise restrictions prior to the exam. Proper preparation is the key to obtaining an optimal PET-CT scan.

Let the scheduler know if s/he is diabetic or is allergic.

The PET-CT coordinator will obtain a short medical history over the telephone, including surgeries and any treatments the patient has undergone, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. The coordinator will also ask about recent diagnostic imaging exams such as MRI, CT or nuclear medicine studies in order to secure copies of the films.

If the patient elects to take medication to relax her/him at the time of the exam, s/he may not drive.  A driver is needed following the scan to take the patient home.

The patient will be on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet prior to the exam and asked to refrain from strenuous activity or exercise 24 hours prior to the scan. Detailed instructions can be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to the patient at the time of scheduling.