Mobile Mammography Is Convenient Because We Come to You

Providence Imaging Center's mobile mammography coach framed against Earthquake Park, with a friendly technologist standing inside

An important breast cancer screening test is available to women across Alaska.

Our 34 foot long mobile mammography coach provides digital screening mammography, the same test we provide in our Imaging Center.  Purchased with funds from CARRS/Safeway, and in conjunction with the Providence Cancer Center and the Foundation, this pink and white machine rolls near and far.

The mobile digital mammography coach framed against downtown Anchorage, ready for action


Are you a business or organization that would like to provide the same high-quality digital screening mammogram to your employees/employees' dependents that they can get at Providence Imaging Center (PIC)?

PIC's Mobile Mammography Program has brought screening mammography to hundreds of women who might not otherwise get this critical test. With the purchase of our new Mobile Mammography Coach with its Hologic Selenia full-field digital mammography unit in May 2006, we are able to provide the same excellent digital images that are available at PIC.

Why mammography?

Mammography is the diagnostic tool for the early detection of breast cancer, the leading cancer diagnosed in women in America.  In 2011, it is estimated that 230,480 women nationwide will be diagnosed with breast cancer, causing 39,520 deaths. In Alaska, approximately 460 women will get this diagnosis, causing 70 deaths. Early detection and prompt treatment are the best assurance for survival.  The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women age 40 years and older.

How does a mobile digital mammogram work?

The coach is 34 feet long, self-contained, and heated, with waiting and changing area for patients.  Mammography imaging is performed using the Hologic Selenia Full-Field Digital Mammography machine, with a complete exam taking about 15 minutes. 

Who is a good candidate for a mobile mammogram?

PIC's Digital Mobile Mammography screening is applicable for women age 40 years or older without specific breast concerns.  Screening mammography is NOT applicable for women who:

  • Are pregnant or have breastfed within the last year
  • Have symptoms such as a dominant lump/mass/lesion or nipple discharge that is clear or bloody
  • Have a personal history of breast cancer
  • Have had a stereo or ultrasound-guided biopsy in the past year
  • Are due for special follow-up for a recent abnormal mammogram

What kind of paperwork is involved?

All scheduling is handled by friendly PIC staff who carefully screen the patient to make sure mammography is appropriate.  A quick registration is done as well, which generates a unique number that attaches patient demographic information to the digital images stored in the Coach.  These images are then uploaded at PIC and read by our board certified radiologists.  Results are sent to patient and ordering provider in a timely manner.  Funding is also available for women who are uninsured or underinsured through the State of Alaska's Breast and Cervical Health Check Program; call (800) 410-6266 for more information.