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New Phone and Fax Numbers June 1, 2009

Posted on Mon, May 04, 2009

Tags: Eagle River, announcement, phone, fax, contact, Anchorage

Please note that Providence Imaging Center in Anchorage is permanently adopting a new phone and fax prefix, along with the rest of Providence Hospital, on Monday, June 1st.  Our main contact phone number is (907) 212-3151 (currently you can also use 261-3151).  Our main fax number is 212-5828 (the old one that still works is 261-5828). 

In fact, any other phone or fax numbers for PIC also begin with the same 212 prefix.  Remember, the new 212 prefix is active right now, so please use it when you need to contact us.

This change is part of a larger effort by Providence Alaska Medical Center, and includes most Providence Departments on campus.  Please note that the direct line to our Eagle River front desk and fax are still (907) 726-6610 and 726-6612, respectively.

Thanks for your understanding.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 212-3151.